Transformation Lead LLC offers expertise in digital transformation, enterprise technology, emerging technology solutions, cyber-security, and project management. Digital Transformation is a top priority for business leaders that rely on technology to optimize their people, processes, and systems.

Digital Transformation

We utilize new, fast and dynamic features of digital technology to solve your business problems.

Migration & Modernization

We upgrade old and outdated software to re-define the capabilities of your business.

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Custom Software

We design easy to use and highly customizable software to suit the needs of your company.

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Disaster Recovery

We reinforce your vital technology and systems to recover from and minimize disasters damage

Enterprise Software Implementation

We design software used to satisfy the needs of your organization rather than individual users.

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Cyber Security

We design software to protect your computer systems and networks from theft or damage.

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Mobile Application

We design mobile apps that are easy to use and compatible with all mobile devices.

UI/UX Design

We design smooth and responsive interfaces that are pleasing to look at.


We construct functional and effective ways to organize your company's data in order to improve and streamline business as well as save money.

Process Automation

We offer business process transformation services that improve the productivity and accuracy of internal resources as well as update legacy business processes.

Talent Augmentation services

We provide talent augmentation including technology, engineering, cyber-security, and non-technical staff augmentation to fill critical organizational skill gaps .


PMP & Certification Training

We partner with the project management institute and CompTIA to offer training and Certifications.